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Julie Kopser, DVM with DogDr. Julie Kopser is a graduate of Tufts University in N. Grafton, MA. She performed her internship at Angell Memorial Animal Hospital in Boston, and became an integral part of our hospital when she joined our staff in 1994.

She has enhanced our hospital with a passion for her work and her love of learning. Dr. Kopser provides medical, surgical services for dogs, cats and exotic pets. Medical services include general medicine, ultrasound, echocardiography and chemotherapy. Surgical services include soft tissue and orthopedics such as patellar luxation repair and cruciate repair. One of the most exciting and rewarding cases that Dr. Kopser has treated combined both medicine and surgery. Using echocardiography, she diagnosed a four month old puppy with a serious heart defect (patent ductus arteriosis) and was then able to surgically correct the defect with the help of the skilled team of CVH employees.

Along with her veterinary duties, she organizes the student externship program for veterinary students on rotation through our hospital. She has served as a clinical instructor in the ultrasound teaching lab for 3rd year veterinary students at Tufts University. She also furthers her own studies by attending continuing education programs in the fields of cardiology, emergency medicine, surgery and oncology.

Her bedside manner is impeccable. Though she loves working with patients and their owners on a one on one basis, she admits that surgery is one of her favorite veterinary duties. She is extremely thorough and can be counted on to give her undivided and complete attention to the pet and task at hand.

When Dr. Kopser is not working at Countryside, she thoroughly enjoys being a mom, farming with her husband at a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), hiking and maintaining trails in her town with her retired greyhound, and training and competing in triathlons with her mom.

Photo taken by Blue Amrich and Aimee Powers