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Kelly Stenquist, Certified Veterinary Technician (CVT) and Hospital Services Lead

Vet Tech Kelly with DogKelly grew up in Billerica and currently resides there with her husband, two children, her dog and cats. Her sunny disposition makes her a favorite to work with among staff and clientele alike. Her recent move to running our hospital services, medicine and surgery, is due in large part to her dedication to Countryside Veterinary Hospital and our clients, whom she believes should receive the very best care possible. She maintains our high standards and is always looking for ways to raise the bar!

Pat Durkan, Certified Veterinary Technician (CVT)

Vet Tech Pat Durkin with DogPat is our very talented and indispensable lab technician. She is responsible for making sure all lab tests go out and lab results are reported to the doctor team in a timely manner. Without her, our lab would not run as smoothly as it does! Pat lives with her husband, her poodle, Cabot, her Devon Rex kitty, Ceile, and her various feathered friends (doves, finches and chickens). She majored in Art, with a minor in Biology, and loves to paint — she covered her kitchen backsplash with wildflowers so it would always feel like Spring.

Cat Wey, Certified Veterinary Technician (CVT)

Vet Tech Cat with CatsCat grew up in Westford, and currently resides in Lowell with her kitties, Kelby, Gimli, and Diggle — all black kitties (how does she tell them apart?!). She received her Veterinary Technician degree from Wilson College and naturally landed at Countryside (she used to babysit the Holub clan). She enjoys a wide variety of music and enjoys seeing her favorite bands play live.

Lindsay Fitzgerald, Certified Veterinary Technician (CVT)

vet-tech-lindsay-with-dog-rosieLindsay comes to us all the way from Michigan where she trained as a Certified Veterinary Technician at Baker College. She was brought to New England by her husband. She now resides here in Massachusetts with her husband and son, accompanied by her dogs, Rosie and Slugger, and her cats, Pudge and Oliver. She has a super sunny disposition and is devoted to the betterment of pets through nutrition and healthy weight management. She would be thrilled to help your pet lose those extra unwanted pounds!

Hollie Neild, Veterinary Technician

Vet Tech Hollie with DogHollie grew up and currently resides in Chelmsford with her son and her dog, Bodie, and her cats. She is trained as a veterinary technician and specialty trained at the University of Tennessee as a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner (CCRP) and is our primary therapist for pets following orthopedic surgery, neurologic injuries, and for pets suffering from arthritis. She is very active and enjoys spending time at her local gym and prides herself on her healthy lifestyle.

Mary Thresher, Veterinary Technician

Vet Tech Mary with DogMary grew up in Billerica the youngest of 11 children, she currently lives in Chelmsford with her dog Ronan and her 3 cats — Dewey, Hootie Marie, Herman Lloyd — and her cornsnake Clem (short for Clementine because of its orange coloring) and would love to add a horse to her family. Mary graduated from Becker College with an associate's degree in Veterinary Technology, after which she had worked at Zoo New England for many years prior to coming to Countryside 15 years ago. Her experience as a zookeeper comes in handy when we treat our less traditional patients and her perspective is often helpful in their care. One little known fact about Mary is she worked briefly at an ice rink and knows how to drive a Zamboni — now who else can say that!

Scott Mabon, Veterinary Technician

Vet Tech Scott with DogScott grew up in Chelmsford and received a degree in Animal Science from University of Massachusetts – Amherst. He currently resides in central Massachusetts with his wife and three children, his dog, Fenway, and his cats, Kramer and Asla. He is a talented and thorough technician and can often sweet talk our most sensitive pieces of equipment when they are not working. He enjoys working with his hands and is an avid woodworker and will often work on home improvements and construction projects.

Stephanie Frost, Veterinary Technician

Stephanie Frost, Animal Care SpecialistStephanie is a lifetime Westford resident and shares her home with her Jack Russell Terrier, Jack Daniels. She is music buff and enjoys going to see her favorite bands play live. Stephanie is a talented dog trainer and is currently working toward a degree as a certified technician in the specialty of pet behavior. She holds a Silver Certification in Low Stress Restraint of dogs and cats.

Nicole Ashmankas, Veterinary Technician

Veterinary Techncian Nicole with Bearded Dragon BaronAlthough born and raised in central Massachusetts, Nicole furthered her education in New Hampshire earning both a Bachelor's degree in Zoology and an Associates degree in Veterinary Technology. In her over 8 years of working with animals big and small, Nicole has taken many roles including kennel worker, assistant zoo keeper, dog groomer, and now veterinary technician. When not at Countryside Veterinary Hospital, Nicole enjoys exploring the great outdoors, knitting and crafting, and curling up with a good book — or better yet with her pet bearded dragon Baron.

Rebecca Bragel, Veterinary Assistant

veterinary assistant rebecca bragelRebecca grew up in the small town of Littleton, Massachusetts. She lives with her boyfriend along with their two Old English Sheep dogs, Grant and Dudley; a Corgi/Jack Russel mix, Lucky; their bunny Buster; and cat Oscar. Rebecca also spends a lot of time with her parents' Catahoula puppy Cameo who is her pride and joy. She has an Associate's degree from Becker College and has a collection of over 50 dog-related books! Rebecca has had a passion for animals her entire life and she cannot see herself doing anything else.

 Lindsey Loiselle, Tech Assistant

Lindsey Loiselle, Tech Assistant Lindsey grew up in Westford and currently lives in Tewksbury. She has received an Associate's degree in Animal Care and a Bachelor's degree in Animal Science from the University of Massachusetts. She shares her home with The Dude, a Chihuahua cross, and her two kitties, Mr. Tweeks and Brillo Kitty. She loves to spend her time away from Countryside with her friends and family. 
Photos taken by Blue Amrich Studio and Aimee Powers.