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Our Pet Groomers




Amanda Walsh, Head Groomer

Amanda Walsh, Head Pet GroomerAmanda grew up and currently lives in Billerica with her boyfriend, Willy, and her two furry friends, Ralph and Ava, both mixed breed dogs. Amanda came to work for us in 2007 and has become a talented groomer and a highly requested one as well. She loves to cook, hike, and camp with her family and friends. She enjoys the outdoors so much that not only does she not watch TV, she doesn't even own one!

Katie Kauler, Pet Groomer

Katie joined our team in August of 2014 and has quickly become a favorite among our clientele. She grew up in Acton, MA and then moved to Marlborough, MA, where she lives with her Newfoundland, Maggie, her American Bulldog, Patrick, and her Chihuahua, Patches. Katie trained as a bather for one year then moved up to grooming as an apprentice before setting out on her own. Her training shows through in her impeccable grooming style. She loves working with animals, and loves her job. She enjoys pushing the limits of her profession, even giving her Newfie, Maggie, a Mohawk! Katie would love to discuss your requests for your pet's own special style.
Photos taken by Blue Amrich Studio and Aimee Powers.