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Our Client Relations Specialists






Jasmine Raymond, Lead Client Relations Specialist

lead-ccs-jasmine-raymond-dog-Jasmine joined Countryside Veterinary Hospital a year ago and has quickly become our invaluable Lead Client Relations Specialist. She enjoys traveling and learning about different cultures. Jasmine lived in Brazil for three years and is fluent in Portuguese. She is very passionate about veterinary care and for the past decade has been dedicated to working with animals. She loves her job! Jasmine currently resides in New Hampshire with her wife and three dogs, Peanut, Roxie, and Benjamin.

Sasha Saulnier, Client Relations Specialist

Veterinary Receptionist Sasha with CatAs the daughter of a member of the U.S. Marine Corps, Sasha travelled all over the world growing up, including Hawaii and Japan. She currently resides in Chelmsford and shares her home with her two cats, Mouschi and Lilo. She still enjoys to travel and loves to learn about the local customs and absorb the culture. She is proud to say that despite many years that have passed, she can still speak a bit of Japanese!

Lee Palmer, Client Relations Specialist

Veterinary Receptionist Lee with RabbitsLee has lived in Massachusetts her entire life, and chose to settle down in Dracut with her husband, Robert. She has two sons who are grown and have left her busy roost, leaving behind her dogs, Charlotte and Nala, her cats, Rumble and Lily, her rabbits and doves. She raises and shows rabbits and is a fountain of information for our clients who want to know more about them to help keep their own happy and healthy.

Nicole Agosto, Client Relations Specialist

nicole-agosto-dogNicole is one of the newest members to the Countryside Veterinary Hospital family. She is a native to Massachusetts and has lived in the city of Lowell her whole life. She is a mother to a beautiful four-year-old daughter, who is her biggest motivator and cheerleader. Since she was a little girl, Nicole’s passion has been to work with and care for animals, and she is extremely proud of the work that she does here today. Her ultimate goal is to insure the health and well-being of the animals and hopes that one day she will continue to build her career in the veterinary field with us. We are so excited to have her on our team!

Emma Streeby, Client Relations Specialist

emma-streeby-rabbitEmma originally lived in California, but moved cross-country to be closer to friends and start a new beginning. Emma has two pets: a rabbit, Inlé, and a chinchilla, Miss Maisy. Emma enjoys growing fruits and veggies from her balcony garden, and spends much of her time drawing and sewing. She also recreates costumes from movies, television, and video games in her spare time.

 Shannon Roche, Client Relations Specialist

shannon-roche-dogsShannon lives on the edge on a farm in Southern New Hampshire with her two dogs, Atlas and Ruari. In her spare time she enjoys taking the dogs for a hike in her local state park. Her whole world revolves around her pets, and no one was surprised when she told them that she started working at an animal hospital. Shannon is currently pursuing her degree in Veterinary Technology and hopes to turn that into a PhD in Veterinary Sciences.

Dylan Gart, Client Relations Specialist

dylan-gart-dogDylan has lived in Massachusetts his entire life. He has a degree in Environmental Studies and has worked in the Computer Software Industry, but now he’s happier working in Veterinary Medicine. He has a dog named Spenser, who he rescued from the Midwest about seven years ago. Dylan also has four chickens who lay eggs just about year round. In his spare time, he enjoys brewing his own beer, playing video games, and travelling to Europe.

Kaitlyn Muise, Client Relations Specialist

kaitlyn-muise-catKaitlyn grew up in Dracut, MA and lived with her twin sister and her parents for about 20 years. She recently moved to Nashua, NH with her two cats, Xena and Sheldon. She was raised around horses and has been riding since she was eight years old, and has worked at horse barns since she was 15 years old. She has always loved animals and been interested in animal care.
Photos taken by Blue Amrich Studio and Aimee Powers.