Adverse Effects Associated with Flea & Tick Products
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Hospital Manager Aimee Powers with DogsAimee grew up the oldest of four in a military family and lived in New Hampshire, Florida, and Idaho while growing up. She visited her family here in Billerica for vacation in 1999 and met her husband, Joe, at a family gathering. They carried on a long distance relationship for a year before she moved to Massachusetts. After living in this area for a while, they relocated to Washington where they stayed for three years before deciding that the East coast was where they were meant to be and move back to Billerica where they got married and started a family; they welcomed their daughter, Lily, in 2009. Her dogs, Token, a Chihuahua, and Maggie, an American Bulldog, keep her house extra busy!

Aimee worked at Countryside Veterinary Hospital first as a technician, then as manager of the technician team, where she gained a great deal of respect from her co-workers. She brought her high standards to the role of Hospital Manager in January 2014 and is looking forward to continuing the tradition of excellence that Countryside is known for. She is looking forward to keeping Countryside at the forefront of our field and on the cutting edge of medicine and technology. Aimee is committed to helping each family who enters through our front doors to have the very best experience at every visit.

Photos taken by Blue Amrich Studio and Aimee Powers.