Adverse Effects Associated with Flea & Tick Products
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Canine Laser TherapyLow Level Therapeutic Laser (LLTL) therapy is a gentle, non-painful, non-invasive treatment that has been shown to reduce pain, reduce inflammation, and speed the healing process in companion animals. Many medical conditions can be successfully treated using LLTL, and healing times of traumatic or surgical wounds can be reduced by half.

Low Level Therapeutic Laser uses a Class IV laser that uses a beam of laser light to deeply penetrate tissue without damaging it. Laser energy induces a biological response with each cell that ultimately results in a faster healing time in the area treated. This process is called “photo-bio-modulation”.

The laser light is delivered through a non-invasive handpiece to the affected area. Your pet may feel a gentle and soothing warmth. Treatment will last only a few minutes.

Treatment protocols are tailored to the pet’s individual needs and the condition being treated. LLTL is highly effective and affordable.

Laser therapy has been scientifically proven to successfully treat the following medical conditions:

  • Post-surgical wounds   • Feline Stomatitis
  • Traumatic wounds   • Sprains, Strains, Fractures
  • Allergies   • Arthritis
  • Infections   • Periodontal disease
  • Lacerations   • Lick Granulomas
  • Bite wounds   • Feline Acne
  • Inflammatory conditions   • Tendonitis
  • Tooth extraction sites   • Otitis (ear infections)