Adverse Effects Associated with Flea & Tick Products
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Did you know that the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Hotline has a free App for your phone? Follow this ASPCA download link to get the app for android or iphone

This easy to use App has information about over 275 toxic substances including plants, foods, medications, cold or warm weather hazards and household hazards and is organized by species of pet with sections for dogs, cats, horses and birds. When you look up whether Fido’s most recent indiscretion needs veterinary attention it also offers an easy way to contact the Poison Control Hotline direct from the App.

While you are always welcome and encouraged to call our office for any concern you have for your pets, there are many times when our veterinarians will recommend you call Poison Control to help them better help your pet. The specially trained toxicologists at Poison Control have specialized in-depth knowledge of all toxic substances and how to treat ingestion or exposure to these substances, and we rely on them to help us to offer the best and most up-to-date care for your pets.

This free and useful App can make it easier for you to determine when it is an emergency and to contact them when it is. Remember, if you do contact Poison Control, always write down your case number and provide us with it when you call or bring your pet in to see our doctors. This case number allows our doctors and technicians to speak with the toxicologists at Poison Control as many times as we need to in regard to that case with no additional charge.